Dolphin cookies.

Dolphins - one of the most mysterious creatures on Earth.
People in all ages wrote songs, poems and legends about them ...
 Here is one of these ancient legends ...

And I brought dolphin cookies today.


  1. Thank you for linking to Bacon Time. These are beautiful, my mother in law loves dolphins. I am going to feature these on Friday morning too! Can't wait to see what you link up this week.

  2. Where did your pick go. I was just editing my post for Fridays features and your dolphins are missing. If you get them back will you let me know. I wanted to include a pick.
    Thanks again and hope you link up this week too.

  3. They are still there :) Thanks for your blog!

  4. Grabbed the pic, for some reason it had disapeared from my post and when I came back yesterday it was missing, my feature friday will be up in seconds. Thanks again.

  5. You make the most detailed cookies I have ever seen!! You are such an artist!!

  6. Where did you buy them? I really want to buy some for my dolphin party next Friday.

    1. I don't remember where I bought dolphin cutters...sorry