Snowflake cookies.

I love the combination of red and white!

Two days ago I got new cookie cutters. 

5 of them are snowflakes!

And also my new purchase - Amerikolor food coloring . 

So I decided to try the red and white. 

And I am very pleased with the result!


  1. Есть, чем гордиться - очень приятное сочетание! Я еще и на морские звезды подумала - такие пухлые и аппетитные!
    Очень красивые снежинки, даёшь разноцветный новогодний снег, урррра!!!

  2. Спасибо, Ира! Всегда поднимаешь настроение!

  3. oh I saw this cookies once in cake central and I love them so much that I just cant wait to try them,was the first time I tried to pipe in cookies because all the time I decorate my cookies with fondant,the royal icing was kinda running and I guess I used a bigger tip than 1 anyways here is the link of my cookies if you want to saw them, isnt by far as beautifull as yours but I was kinda happy with the result. And Im so happy that I could give you the thanks now for this amazing work that inspire me so much (

  4. Thank you, Ivette! Your cookies are great!

  5. My daughter (11) and I have spent quite a lot of time just looking at your beautiful cookie art! Thanks for sharing this lovely site!