Wedding cookies (Part 2)

These mini cookies are 2 inch..

My recipe for royal icing...

1 egg white
3 cups powdered sugar
3-5 drops (or more)  of lemon juice
1 / 4 teaspoon cream of tartar
almond extract if desired

While rubbing in egg white, gradually add sugar (do not beat egg whites). At the end put cream of tartar, lemon juice and essence. Consistency should not be too thick, but not liquid.


  1. 'Rubbing egg white'? What does that mean? Thanks

  2. Your work is so elegant! Love these COOKIES!

  3. I agree.. This what does rubbing egg white

  4. Love your work in wonderful!!!! thanks for your recipe....

  5. Thanks for the recipe, but I, too, would like to know what you mean by "rubbing the egg white". Please clarify as I feel I can't try this recipe without this information. Thanks!!

  6. Simply say, do not beat with a mixer.

  7. you are an artist Nadia!

  8. so does this recipe allow to do the flooding and the piping? no need to change the recipes to do both aspects? Your work is excellent xx

  9. Hello Nadia! I recently discovered your blog and came across your wonderful works of art! I love decorating cookies too! But the icing I use doesn't go through pipe n# 1 easily, so hope this will do! Also in ur comment above u mentioned that you use this recipe for lace, so is it just good for lace only, or it works for all pipes and decoration techniques?! Thanks!
    God bless your lovely hands!

    1. Thanks! I use this method

      My icing recipe works for all pipes. You just need to change the amount of liquid. But, to cover the basics of cookies I do not use the royal icing is most often, because it becomes very hard.

  10. Hi Nadia, e-mailed you earlier but not sure you received it. I live in India and do a few wedding cakes and have just started icing cookies. Recently saw your page and am in total awe of your amazing work.