My experiments with buttercream. Part 2..Ruffles :)

Since I used this buttercream recipe for the first time...
I was wondering if I can make my favorite accents, for example ruffles.
 Look - my ruffles look good :) 
I left the cookies for the night to dry and they became hard..
only from the outside, inside they remained soft. 
I am not sure that cookies with ruffles can withstand the shipping, 
but you can stack the cookies on one another and not be afraid, that they break.

For ruffles I used #101 tip.


  1. Очень красивые рюшечки-оборочки!
    А первое впечатление - как астры или герберы (если бывают сиреневые сорта)
    Надюша, ты умничка!
    Восхитительные цветочки! Или камея в атласных складочках!

  2. Спасибо, дорогая! Да! Вот подходящее слово - камея! Теперь всегда буду так называть подобные печенюхи!

  3. Have you by any chance tried shipping these stacked? just wondering, as I'm thinking of trying to decorate with this recipe but still not sure how hard the shape will hold ;)
    Love your work, you're inspiring me to try some of those lovely designs of yours!

    1. I still do not hesitate to pack these cookies in a box, but as soon as my customers will order, I will share experience with you.