Lace butterfly cookies.

Only today I have discovered, that I forgot to post the pics of these cookies. 
I had two very intense weeks, so my blog is little behind from my FB page.

The decoration idea for these cookies
 came to me in the process of the actual work. 
I had some yellow butter cream left so I decided to use it. 
I really liked what I got out of this. 
So only one thing left to do - add my favorite detail - lace
 and butterflies became light and kind of transparent!

The buttercream recipe you can find here
I used tip #101 for the yellow details and #1 tip for lace.


  1. Wow...beautiful!!
    I love butterfly!!
    Morena form Italy

  2. Бабочки-красавочки!
    Доброго тебе всегда, Надюша! С новым дизайном тебя, очень красиво! И как всегда пахнет вкусненьким!!!

    1. Спасибо, Ириша! Всегда рада тебе!

  3. You're simply awesome
    Wonderful work, as always

  4. Your cookies are the most delicate looking treats I've ever seen! So lovely!