Christmas cookies...

Christmas season is at it's height! 
Cookies - a great gift for the whole family! 

Today I made 2 sets for a family with children. 
I hope that they particularly like polar bears and hares! 

Also kids love to play ... 
Children can play to find differences in the two sets. 
Of course they will be able to count them ... 

And this snowman is a frequent guest at my house 
and for some reason his favorite place - the kitchen. 
And he comes just then, when I am baking cookies!
Probably he loves cookies like I do! Haha..


  1. Beautiful cookie sets and I see the differences :) Love your blender beater snowman! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Nadia- You need to post your snowman photo above on the KitchenAid (US) Facebook page (before Christmas), they'll love it! Happy Holidays to you!