Home for the Holidays....

A group of cookiers got together and decided to do a 
"Home For The Holidays" with this huge 5 x 9 cookie cutter.

Christmas Village Collaboration: 
With everyone using the same cookie cutter 
create your take on a Christmas homefront
(front facade only) 
In whatever dough floats your boat.

It was a great idea to organize such a beautiful project!
 Thanks to Angela  for making a beautiful collage! 

Can you believe that every "home for the holidays" in this project 
was made with one type of cutter? 
Truly talent and imagination of our amazing ladies have no boundaries!
 Each of the decorators created a house, 
with a particular hand and their own style  
in which I would not mind to live. Haha!

Here are the rest of the entries...
from top left and going clockwise:

Jill: Jill FCS
Andrea: Cupookie
Anita: Sweet Hope
Georganne: Lilaloa

Merry Christmas!


  1. Very beautiful as usual! Love your work and one day with lost of practice I'll be able to attempt your designs! Keep up the beautiful work!

  2. Such lovely Christmas houses!!! Gorgeous.

  3. Umm... this is GORGEOUS!!! I love that you used brushed embroidery for the roof tiles!! That was SUCH a smart and beautiful choice! Also, I love the piled up, drifted snow. And the perfectly curved lacy sidewalk that leads to an oh-so-pretty little iced pond!!

  4. Very Very beautiful!!! I
    I follow you!
    Nave a good day...

  5. Beautiful. Where can I buy that house cookie cutter and the round one you used for the base? Thanks.

    1. Thank you! I bought them at local store last year..