Church auction cookies.

       Hurray! Finally, we moved into a new place... Anyone who has ever moved knows that there is always a stress. 
A lot of physical work, packing, organizing, shopping, decor, etc. 
       Despite being very busy, I still contributed a couple of days to do a few sets of cookies. This is what I love to do and what brings me joy! 
Could not immediately post a photo here on the blog. Had to lie down and rest for few days because of back problems.

 Today I want to show you cookies, that I made for the auction at our church. 

All funds from this auction will be used for Christian children's camp. 
My cookie set was sold for very good money, so I'm glad that I made a small contribution to this ministry.


  1. I love you, gal! Your work is always excellent. Glad you're involved with a church!

  2. Gorgeous! Best wishes in your new place and enjoy your new church.

  3. Nadia,
    Those are gorgeous, as usual! Thanks for sharing them. I love to both decorate cookies, and be uplifted by the creativity of my fellow cookie artists! I am sorry you have had back problems, and I wish you a speedy recovery. When your back hurts, everything is impacted! Take good care of yourself, let others help. It's ok!

  4. Невероятно красиво! Браво!!!!!

  5. Congratulations on the new space! The cookies are beautiful!