Independence Day cookies

It's been a long time since I've posted pictures on my blog .. 
During this time I got lot of new photos and even a little pictorial. 
In the coming days I will try to catch up with my blog and my FB page. 

On July 4th was U.S. Independence Day. 
Cookies, of course, had to be in the 3 colors of the American flag. 
Nothing special came to my mind. 
Looking at the watermelon, I decided to make cookies in the form of watermelon slices, but use blue instead of green. 
Thus was born this funny set.


  1. So nice! How did you make the seeds shine?

  2. Full of arts. How to make nature to delicious food, should learn from you. I love water-melon. I will also try yellow melon design in it. :)