Easter eggs cookies

Today I'll show you again Easter cookies. 
Friends, if you want to learn how to work with royal icing
 and do fine and delicate design, 
but you are not happy with the result - just keep practicing! 
I'm sure you will succeed! 
It seems to me that now I do lace much faster than before. 
The hand becomes more confident and lines are straighter. 
There was a lot of effort and practice, but all work is rewarded with the result.


  1. Pretty colors. I love the comment of the "hand becomes more confident." It is such a concise statement, but at the same time, it loves room for lots of blame for that dang hand making crooked lines. haha.

    1. Sometimes I even hold my breathe not to have my hand trembling...LOL

  2. Amazing work again, Nadia! My hand always shakes. I'm getting better, though, at work more quickly so the lines are straighter. Curves are still hard.:( With time, with time...:)

  3. I'm always amazed at the delicate, intricate work you do on your cookies!