Cookie box (Cassette)...

Today I will show you a cookie boxes.
 I always wanted to make something similar and now I got this opportunity. 
I thought that cookies box will be a great gift for a young lady on her Birthday. 
And what always surprises me, that most people, that I give cookies to,
 don't eat them but keep it as a souvenir :) make a cookie box like this you need: 
1) Make a drawing of the framework on the paper, 
then measure the size of every side. 
2) Cut out the shapes on the dough (2 big ones and 4 small). 
3) Bake the cookies and let them cool down. 
4) Decorate the baked parts. 
5) Using a royal icing glue all the parts and disguise the seams. 
That's it - the box is ready. 

For this cookie box I made a framework drawing of 4 hearts. For the pink one - 5.


  1. eres una artista. preiosas y originales. Really Wonderful!!!

  2. You are amazing and your work and creativity is awe-inspiring!

  3. Thank you for comments, guys!

  4. sei fantastica...mi incanto a guardare le tue meraviglie...un abbraccio..!!!