Baby boy shower cookies

These cookies I made for baby shower here in San Diego. 
Given colors were - white, baby blue, chartreuse  and blue-gray. 
In the photo, unfortunately, the colors are distorted. 
For some reason, instead of the gray-blue it turned dark blue.

 These cookies are decorated with royal icing. 
For RI I used CK meringue powder, which was new for me ...
So, here are a few of my tips for those of you who will use the CK meringue powder. 
There is sugar in the MP, sometimes this sugar is difficult to dissolve, even if you beat the icing in the mixer for a long time.
 So that's why many of you have clogged tips. 
I receive many letters from girls who are faced with this problem. 
And since in all my projects i make lace accents, for me it is VERY important point. Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, during the preparation of your icing, be sure to first mix MP well with warm water, then add sugar powder and vanilla. 
If you want to work with very fine detail using the #0 and #00 tips, do this - strain your royal icing through the nylon.


  1. Such a gorgeous and fun set!

  2. I love the detail work on the teddy bears and the baby rattles and your baby carriages are wonderful. What a beautiful collection! I'm so glad that we met up through Callye's 4th of July Star cookie project.

    Your talent blows me away with every post and your work has inspired me. Thank you!

  3. The whole set is beautiful but the borders on the bears just takes them to a whole other level. Stunning!

  4. Bonito regalo, lo que pasa es que da pena comerlas porque son tan bonitas.... Saludos