Lace heart cookies

And once again lace... 
I've been asked quite a lot how much time does it take me to decorate one cookie. 
I can't give the exact answer. 
Because, first of all I never look at the time, 
while decorating and secondly I am decorating few cookies at the same time. 
For that I use my turntable, spinning it and adding new detail to each cookie. 

These cookies are perfect for the bridal shower 
as well as a gift for a woman, 
who is in love with lace like I am :)


  1. These are stunning. Beautiful work.

  2. I've done a few lace cookies as well, but mine are about a zillion degrees less detailed than yours. Beautiful work!!

  3. I am absolutely stunned by your work! Found you on Facebook and soooo glad I did... Your lace work is amazing. Do you do it all free hand? Once again, beautiful.... just beautiful! :)

  4. These are amazing as always! The detail is just stunning!

  5. ооочень люблю кружева! это потрясающе! очень красиво!

  6. Thank you, my friends, for your sweet comments!

  7. me encantan sus galletas de encaje, preciosas!!!!!!!

  8. OMG these are absolutely stunning!!! You must have a real steady hand or a lot of patience!! The detail is amazing!!! This is a work of art and should NOT be eaten!! If I was given a cookie as beautiful as yours, I would feel awfully guilty biting into it!!! How about a tutorial on how to make lace or a video of you decorating a cookie?

  9. la tua bravura è grande..!! guardando queste meraviglie...mi stimola a provare....un abbraccio..!!

    1. Thank you so much! You have to try!

  10. Me apasionan tus galletas!!!
    I love your coookies!!!

    un beso desde Madrid!