Cake with Royal Icing lace

Have you ever made a cake when you're not at home 
and you just do not have all the materials that you are used to?
This cake - is an example of how to bake and decorate cake in the unusual conditions. 
Roses could have been better of course, didn't have the right tip. 
But lace can be done without any special accessories or tips. 
Enough to have a regular cello bag. 
Use scissors to make a small hole and put the icing. 
Next - it's a matter of skills and your abilities. 
I drew lace straight on the cake. 
But those details on the edge of the lace, you need to draw on the baking paper or cellophane file and let it dry for 5-8 hours.

These are different icing shapes, that I use for cakes and cupcakes.


  1. I love the stash of lace shapes that u have! They all look so delicate... do you have to worry about them breaking real easily?

  2. Holy mackeral! I can't believe you just free-handed that PERFECT lace straight onto the cake! Talk about mad skills :) You rock!! That is gorgeous, you have so much talent!!

  3. Like Debbie, I'm in awe of you having done this straight onto the cake and even more so that you weren't even in your own kitchen with all your own equipment. Still amazed that you are now piping this extremely delicate work without a tip!

  4. Мастерица-кружевница, Надя-искусница!
    Я тут слюной коленки умыла, люблю такие торты, да всякие собственноручные торты люблю))) Розы бесподобны, блин, на боку их еще умудриться сделать нужно, а ты себя за них, как я поняла не хвалишь))) Ай-яй-яй, не скромничай - все так красиво, нежно и аппетитно!!!
    Надюш, я на две недельки поеду к морю, продлять своё лето)))
    желаю тебе всего самого хорошего))) Идей не желаю - их у тебя предостаточно)))

    1. Спасибо на добром слове! К морю - это хорошо! Я живу у океана и только иногда (просто времени нет) позволяю себе просто отключиться от всего и посидеть у воды, понаблюдать за волнами. Ах, поеду сегодня обязательно и посмотрю на закат. Приятного тебе отдыха, Ириша!

  5. Hi,

    Your cake is really beatiful, but how did you do that roses??
    It's sure have an easy trick, but I couldn't find it out yet...:)

    1. Thanks! You can use Wilton1M or Wilton2D tips for roses....

  6. Hi Nadia !
    I love your work, everythings look beautiful!
    I want to ask you how do you store the royal icing decorations? I made some for a proyect and went I was going to use them they were cover in green moss.
    I put them in a maison jar.
    can you help me?
    Thank you!

    1. I store them for alone period of time in a room temperature and never had these kind of problems :)

    2. maybe is the type of icing, I did the one with egg whites and lemon. I will try the one with merengue powder or creme tartar

  7. Hi Nadia,

    Do we put the dried royal icing decorations on the butter cream frosted cakes? and can we use royal icing to make the lace?