Dancer cookies...and some cookis in "wet on wet" technique.

Some of the cookies are made with the "wet-on-wet" technique...
 I like to play with this technique!
Never know what will come out in the end. 
So much room for creativity. 
The inspiration to make the dancer cookie was a picture I saw on Pinterest. 
Pinterest - is a storehouse of inspiration and I love it! 

About how to make a flower with the "wet on wet" technique you can find a video here


  1. Son espectaculares,me gustan mucho felicidades por tu trabajo

  2. These are gorgeous!! Absolutely adore and admire your work!! It's in a class of it's own!

  3. Such a creative use of this technique! The dancer's dress is stunning! The colors are beautiful too. Definitely going to check out the tutorial for the flowers.

  4. Very pretty! You certainly *play* very well with this technique :)

  5. Hola me quedo por aqui como seguidora y deslumbrada con tus galletitas
    un saludo