Mini Christmas cookies for tree decoration..

I made these mini cookies a couple of weeks ago. 
It is a good idea to make ornaments for the Christmas tree together with children. 
And it is not necessary to use a multi-colored royal icing. 

You can do it only with white. 
But it is advisable to bake chocolate cookies or ginger bread ... 
On the dark the white image will appeal to all! 

You have to bake 2 cookies of each shape so you can glue them together. 
Below you can see a little video 
that shows how I put the ribbon between two cookies. 

Each cookie has to be decorated on one side 
so the ornaments look beautiful from both sides. 

To preserve the freshness of each cookie it is preferable to package them in a cello bag 
and then to hang on the tree...

And more cookies in the same style...


  1. Those are lovely, and a great idea!

  2. Estou aqui encantada e já vi todo o seu blog. A sua evolução e maravilhosa. Os meus parabêns. vou seguir atentamente tudo o que faz e vou certamente ter muitos motivos para lhe desejar as maiores felicidades.VOU PEDIR AMIZADE NO FACE.

    1. Thank you! I am glad you like my cookies!