Painting on the cookies ...

There are so many methods of decorating cookies! 
One might think that decorating cookies with a paint brush is the easiest thing. 
But it is not. 

First, there is a huge difference between painting on paper (canvas) and the surface of the sweet pastry covered with icing. It is going to be very difficult to erase a mistake, sometimes impossible. 

Second, in order to dilute the paint it is necessary to use water or alcohol (I use water). 
But it is important not to overdo it with the liquid, because icing on the cookie will simply melt and your cookies will be damaged. 

And another very important point .. it is needed to learn how to mix colors to get different shades. 
You got to stock up on a large bottle of white food color .. yes, white. 
With white color you can make a lot of shades of any color. 

If you do not have a palette for mixing colors, you can use a regular disposable plate or plastic cover ... 

Recently, I found inspiration on Pinterest, including for this cookie. 
If you do not have Pinterest yet, you should get it! :)


  1. Thanks for the tips. I have only tried painting on cookies once. It was a lot harder then I expected. I am in love with all of your creations and share them with others often. They are simply Beautiful!

  2. I wish I could paint on cookies! Love your beautiful birds.

  3. Son espectaculares !!!!!!!!!!!!