Fresh apples decorated with Royal icing...

Today there will be no cookies..

I would like to treat you to apples. 

I think it is a great alternative for a good gift on a Valantine's day. 

Besides a very healthy alternative. 

If you are preparing a party, 
put these apples or pears along with your cookies and candies. 

There are always those who will prefer fruits instead of baked goodies :)

Here is my first video how I made lace..


  1. Not only beautiful - Brilliant!!!!

  2. Madre mía, ya hasta con la fruta te atreves, precioso, besos.

  3. Your lace apples are gorgeous! What talent you have! I always enjoy your beautiful work! Leslie Gagne

  4. que preciosidad!! me encantan, muy original!! besos

  5. Wow, and what a work!!Almost a shame to eat them.

  6. I've gawked at the sight of such neat cuadricule! Nor it's hard on a flat surface, but you achieved it on a spherical one!!
    You're my cookie decoration goddess!