Easter cookies painted with a brush.

We are familiar from childhood with soft toys made with fabric. 
I saw these often at church. 
I especially like children's fabric books. 
The tissue toys and books have wonderful virtue - they are silent :) 

Soon comes Easter and I wanted to decorate cookies so that texture would be similar to the fabric. 
To do this, I used gel paste food color and a very thin brush. 
The base is covered with the royal icing. The lace is also made with RI.


  1. Your cookies are so beautiful, so dainty. I love your work....it is very inspiring!

  2. Я вчера днем писала коммент с работы, да похоже связь "квакнула")))
    Надюш, необыкновенно славные веселенькие "ситчики"! Нежнейшие!
    Даже на печенюшки и не подумаешь!!!

  3. Спасибо, Ирочка! Я вчера твоими творениями любовалась :)

  4. Don't know how such a talented person can keep coming up with more and more inspiration; but you've done it again! Beauty in sugar!